Frequently asked questions

Check-in and check-out time
Check-out time – till 12.00
Check-in – at 15.00
Is it possible to check-in before 12.00?
If there is a vacant room you can check-in before 12.00. In case if you need an early check-in before 8.00 to be guaranteed you should pay additionally – 50% of the room cost.
Is it possible to check-out after 12.00?
In case of check-out from 12.00 till 21.00 50% of 1 day room cost is paid. In case of check-out after 21.00 100% of room cost should be paid.
What documents for check-in is it necessary to have?
Any document of your personality identification will do: national or international passport, military ID card or other.
Is it possible to park the car near the hotel?
Yes, it is. We have a parking in the yard of our hotel but we cannot guarantee the vacant parking lots availability.
Is it possible to stay in the hotel with pets?
It is forbidden to stay in our hotel with pets in accordance with the rules of the hotel.
Why don't you have a lift?
The hotel occupies the 3rd floor of the historical building of 1898, the construction of it does not allow to  equip the hotel with the lift.